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Chinese Wikipedia Offline


Chinese Wikipedia Offline (the Abstract Version) is developed from the Wikie Talkie - Wikipedia, enclosed with partial Chinese Wikipedia offline data. The App contains abstract (summary) of all Chinese Wikipedia articles (as for 20140331), so even without connecting to the Internet, you still can read summaries of all articles. Whenever Internet is available, this App can be set to pull full Wikipedia article(s) from Wikipedia server automatically.The App is embedded with a powerful mobile search engine to make your search job easy and enjoyable.
Please note that the Wikipedia abstracts contained in this App are presented in form of Simplified Chinese. Also,the enclosed Wikipedia data may contain incomplete abstract for some articles. A couple of samples are given as follows:
"任天堂”:| abbreviated_name = 任天堂、Nintendo
"任仲夷" : | Native place =
We are planning to improve the quality of data in near future.
Thank you very much for your support.